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Managing Director Message

 Peace be upon you!

Eco Green Contracting and Landscaping LLC, the first member of MAKC group of companies was born a decade ago during the world’s last so-called great recession year 2008. It was not an easy task to stand upright and hope for a bright future looking to the vacuum the recession left behind wiping out estimated $ 18.9 trillion of household wealth and more than 8 million jobs.

The words of prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) “Riches are not from abundance of worldly good but from a contented mind” inspired us to face the challenges with a contented mind. Then we looked at the vacuum the recession left behind as an opportunity to fulfil! 

We strived on the words of Prophet (peace be upon him) “strive always to excel in virtue and truth”, which lead us to the current level of successful growth. We started as a landscaping contractor but now represent 15+ diversified sectors, all are well integrated and inclusive enough to produce and deliver various Construction services and products of industry’s best standards and to the satisfaction of Clientele across Government, Semi-Government, Commercial and Private sectors.

It’s our passion and pride to produce and deliver to satisfy with high integrity and at the same time grow as much as we can with the support of our employees who are our backbones, customers who are our partners, Clients who sustain us but not losing on our contended mind, not compromising on our values and virtues which every peaceful soul live for.

God willing! all that i can promise and assure to our Clients, Customers and Partners by this message is that, we will deliver whatever is entrusted on us, not less but with value addition of smile and lasting happiness.

May God bless us all!

Mansoor Ali Karattu Chalil. 

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